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NBA Draft Scouting Report: Clemson's PJ Hall

Scouting Report: PJ Hall

PJ Hall

Center | Clemson

Height: 6'10” | Weight: 240 lbs

2024 Draft Age: 22.33

PJ Hall, Clemson

Prospect Profile

Hall is a senior that has played all four years with the Clemson Tigers and he has been one of the most productive bigs in the entire country this year. The 6-foot-10 senior is an extremely skilled center, but keeps the game simple with a high scoring output and shot-blocking production.

Although Hall can score in the low post, he can also step out space the floor and is a good passing big man out of the low post and top of the key. He isn’t yet an elite shooter from beyond the arc, but the jumper looks good for a player of his size and there’s reason to believe his shot will translate down the road in the NBA with the trajectory he is on as a shooter. This will also enhance his ability to operate in pick-and-pop situations, which is already something he’s showcased at the college level.

Overall, Hall really enhances a team’s offense with his ability to score in multiple ways but also pass the ball well. He’s a great free throw shooter which allows him to close games and convert in crucial situations too.

Defensively, Hall has taken a step forward as he looks more athletic with the movements being quicker. Even his defensive instincts have looked a lot sharper in the painted area in year four. He’s by no means a defensive stopper, but he plays smart on that end and has the tools to hold his own, even at the next level.

A former four-star recruit, Hall was the best player in the state of South Carolina in his high school class. He’s now an experienced college player with the skillset to carve out a role in the NBA and should get quite a bit of draft consideration in June.


Draft Projection

Early Second-Round Pick in 2024 NBA Draft.

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