The Memphis Grizzlies Keep Up Their Winning Ways Against The Denver Nuggets

Anthony Sain

The Memphis Grizzlies won their third-straight game Tuesday night in a 104-96 win over the Denver Nuggets. Jonas Valanciunas out-dueled Nikola Jokic with 23 points and 12 rebounds and Dillon Brooks led the team with 24 points.

The Nuggets were without Mason Plumlee, Paul Milsap, and Jamal Murray and the Grizzlies were also shorthanded with Jae Crowder, Grayson Allen, and DeAnthony Melton being out as well.  The Grizzlies were able to get a solid victory over one of the best teams in the Western Conference before preparing to play nine of their next eleven games on the road.

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Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins would speak on the team's win

“Very solid win by our group," Jenkins said. "I thought despite them making a bunch of threes, credit to them they hit some tough shots. They just kept firing away but our defense, especially in that third quarter coming out, we hit the guys just about having laser focus and continuing to execute our defensive game plan. Even offensively, how we were sharing the ball? I can’t remember. I think we may have had close to 20 assists or something at halftime, but just taking that to another level." 

"Obviously, a great job in the third quarter," Jenkins would add.  "Fourth quarter, I mean credit the Nuggets. I think we went up 19 at one point. They just kept firing, kept firing, kept coming, kept coming. Made some big shots but we just kind of withstood those runs. Got a little sloppy towards the end. Guys were definitely talking about it in the locker room, so that’s great to know that those guys are aware of it. But overall, really good team win. You know different guys stepping up tonight which was huge. Contributions off the bench. So obviously good win.”

Jaren Jackson Jr. finished 10 points and a career-high 7 blocks on the night and he would speak on his team's performance and their direction going forward.

“The key was just that we were able to play together to get the win," Jackson said. "Defensively, knowing who to help off of, who to key on. We just got focused. We got focused the whole game.”

Jaren Jackson Jr. Locker Room Comments

Jackson on his career-high seven blocks tonight

“A lot of times it’s help side, so if a guard bumps a defender off, I can come in and block it," Jackson said. "Sometimes on the ball, if I just get the right timing it’s good. Usually, it’s just about walling and making it hard, and if you get the block that’s a bonus."

Jackson on if the team has reflected on the progress it has made since the beginning of the season

“Not yet," said Jackson. "I think we’re in tunnel vision for the next step ahead. We’re not really trying to settle or anything like that. We might do that eventually.”

The Grizzlies now prepare to take on the New York Knicks on Wednesday in New York.  A win by the Grizzlies will give them a .500 record for the first time this season.

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