Jaren Jackson Jr.'s Historic Night Was Not Enough For The Memphis Grizzlies To Overcome The Milwaukee Bucks

Anthony Sain

Jaren Jackson Jr. was able to explode for a career-high 43 points and 9 three-pointers while placing his name in the franchise and NBA record books but it was not enough to overcome reigning league MVP, Giannis Antetokoumnpo, and the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night. The Bucks (23-3) defeated the Grizzlies (8-17) 127-114 - ending the Grizzlies two-game win streak.

Jackson scored 26 points in the third quarter alone, setting the franchise record for points in a quarter. He also set the club record for threes made in a single quarter as well with his 7 that he made in the third quarter as well. His 9 made three-pointers tied the franchise record for most threes made in a game with Mike Miller who accomplished it twice during the 2006-07 season.  Jackson is the youngest player in NBA history to make nine three-pointers in a game and the only player under the age of 21 to accomplish this as well.

Jackson would comment on whether or not he has ever had a game like on any level of his career as well as when he realized that he was having 'one of those games.'

“No. There hasn’t been anything like that because just everything for a minute was going in for me," said Jackson. "I felt like just a crazy rhythm and the basket got bigger. It just felt good.”

“Probably the banker," Jackson said on when he realized he was having a monster game. "The banker was just like, ‘Thank you for the backboard being there,’ because otherwise, I would’ve air-balled it. That one was cool.”

Jackson was matched up primarily against Giannis Antetokounmpo, who finished with 37 points and 11 rebounds.  He would score 17 of his 37 in the decisive fourth quarter.  

“He’s just a great, great player coming at you with a full head of steam. You’ve got to pick your battles a lot," Jackson said on his matchup with Antetokounmpo. "Tonight he was hitting the three a little bit, so you had to plan certain ways, doing euros trying to get around him and stuff. I always like that matchup though. He’s a great player.”

“Giannis kind of took control of the game a little bit more," Jackson would add on how the game swung in the fourth quarter. "Throughout the game, we were putting him at the free-throw line and we kind of gave up a lot in there. At the time we had our drought, they picked it up, so it was kind of just bad timing, honestly.”

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Jackson's game has seemed to make a very positive turn towards the original expectations that he had coming into this season after a stellar rookie campaign.  Over the last six games, he is averaging 25.8 points and has connected on 21 of his 53 three-point attempts for 39.6 percent.  Jackson would comment on how he is trending upward and would credit his non-wavering confidence.

“I guess I always have confidence, just by the work I put in," Jackson said. "In terms of shooting and getting my balance right and just getting my feet right so that I can make those shots when it’s harder and it’s like a hand up.”

“My teammates are finding me a lot more in terms of the three-point line," Jackson would add on his hot shooting. "They’re finding me in better spots and they’re looking for me a lot more, so that helps. Definitely in the summer, just working on my balance and working on having to get it off quicker because you have to get your release quicker and your feet down set. So, when you do that, you can take deeper ones and if it goes in, it goes in."

Jaren Jackson Jr. Locker Room Comments

Jackson and his fellow Memphis Grizzlies teammates have a quick turnaround before having to face off against the Washington Wizards on Saturday night.  It's also expected that the Grizzlies will have Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke back in the lineup after missing Friday's game due to load management.  Jackson would share what he thinks is key to carrying over his team's effort into the next game.

“We’ve just got to lock in on the game plan, honestly, and just try to make (Bradley Beal) uncomfortable and make sure he’s not in a rhythm consistently," said Jackson. "You’ve got to do that with great players, and just keep running the transition and focus on what we do best.”