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Since his promotion up to the Memphis Grizzlies, Josh Jackson has shown some flashes of greatness that show you why he was a highly-touted prospect coming out of college as well as some moments that fed the fury of his doubters. Regardless of made or missed shots, highlight plays or turnovers, Jackson's coach and teammates support his efforts and value what he brings on the court.

My Thoughts On Josh Jackson So Far

In 9 games played this season with the Grizzlies, Jackson's play has been sporadic with his season-high being the 20 points that he scored against the Lakers on Friday night.  His 9 of 12 shooting and 2 of 4 from three-point range, was easily the best game that he's had during his stint with the Grizzlies.  Jackson is currently averaging 8.1 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 1.1 assists per game while shooting 41.7 percent from the field and 26.3 percent from three.  

His shooting has been rough so far but he has shown the ability to be a high-level defender and he can never be accused of not playing hard on defense.  Fortunately for Jackson, his hard work on defense finally paid off for him on the offensive end as well.   


Memphis Grizzlies Coach Taylor Jenkins would praise Jackson's effort level and credited it for his breakout performance Friday night.

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Like we talked about before, he's just continuing to be active defensively," Jenkins said. "He was aggressive and he was kind of part of that run where we were playing great defensively, getting out and running. He picked his spots to attack in transition, and shooting the three with confidence was another great step in the right direction for him where he’s just playing the right way on both sides.”


Grizzlies teammates Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks would speak highly of Jackson as well.

“I feel like he’s just showing the people that didn’t believe in him exactly what he can do," said Morant. "There’s no surprise to us. We know exactly what he can do. We’re just going to try and keep him confident. I’ll just play off him sometimes and try to play all-around good games from the first minute to the last.” 

He’s balling," said Brooks on Jackon. "He’s playing well, he’s playing and he’s not thinking about anything. He’s just going out there and playing his game - being aggressive, playing defense and that’s what we need from him. He’s shooting the ball well, he’s getting to the rim well and he’s taking on the challenge every single game.” 


Jackson still has a lot to show and prove over the course of the rest of the Grizzlies' season in hopes that Memphis or another team will sign him this offseason.  The Grizzlies did not pick up the team option on his contract next season so this season - his third in the NBA - is crucial being that he is headed towards free agency this summer.