The Memphis Grizzlies Tough Loss To The Boston Celtics Reminds All That They Are Still An Unfinished Product

Anthony Sain

The Memphis Grizzlies traveled to take on the Boston Celtics still licking their wounds from a tough loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday but Boston showed no concern as they ripped off the bandages and added to the Grizzlies' damage. The loss also reminded all that this young team, although overachieving, is far from a finished product.

The 119-95 rout, was the Grizzlies second straight loss and now puts them a half-game back of the San Antonio Spurs in ninth place in the Western Conference. The Grizzlies had disappointments across the board including a combined 11 points between Jae Crowder, Dillon Brooks and Ja Morant on 3 of 19 shooting.

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“I mean a lot of credit to the Celtics," said Memphis Head Coach Taylor Jenkins. "They brought it defensively tonight. This is something we talked about. It is great for our guys to experience, especially our young guys. Our entire team played elite defense like that. They just got into the ball a lot more, they were in the passing lanes, the driving lanes; we just couldn’t seem to find the open guy or just hold on to the ball. That just seemed to spark their transition, when we did get open shots they rushed us into our shots. We didn’t get our rhythm shots that we needed so it was just great learning. As fortunate as it is, but you strive to play to that level. Credit to the Celtics they played great tonight."

Jae Crowder made his return to Boston as well and was also complimentary of the Celtics who are another surprising force this season.

“Yeah, these guys are playing really, really good right now and moving the ball well," Crowder said about his former team. "Everybody is a threat on the court. You can tell it is a really good team they have good camaraderie. Brad (Stevens) is doing a hell of a job. They are moving the ball even though they have so many weapons. I think it is coming together beautifully. It is a tough team obviously; you see what they did to one of the best teams in the league, L.A. They are a tough team to beat especially on their home court. They played well tonight.”

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Ja Morant had easily his most disappointing game of the season as well, finishing with 2 points and 5 assists on 4 of 6 shooting from the field.  Morant would speak on his performance.

"I felt like they didn’t deny me the ball they just ball screened, they dropped back, guarded behind me," said Morant.  "I felt like I had just four shots in the paint instead of just making simple reads like I was making early in the game.”

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Morant on the challenge of constantly having to match up against what seems like a top guard every night.

“I love it. Each and every night I go out and just show that I can compete with the best. I am fine with it.”