PODCAST: Anthony Sain of Sports Illustrated's AllGrizzlies with Parker Fleming of Grizzly Bear Blues/The Core Four Podcast - "Revisionist Grizztory" - The Masked Mike Series

Anthony Sain

I had the pleasure to jump on a podcast with my good friend Parker Fleming as we discussed the 2014-15 Memphis Grizzlies season that ended with the Masked Mike series against the eventual champions, the Golden St. Warriors. We discussed what it would have looked like if Conley or Tony Allen had never gotten hurt amongst many other factors that season.

The podcast can be heard in its entirety on all streaming services provided in the tweet below!

My Thoughts On The Revisionist Grizztory Podcast Series

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- Anthony Sain - Memphis Grizzlies Beat Writer and Lead Editor For Sports Illustrated's All Grizzlies.com

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