VIDEO: 3 Pointer - Coach Taylor Jenkins on Marko Guduric's Shooting, Jonas Valanciunas as a Go-To Scorer and Calling Final Plays For Jaren Jackson Jr.

Anthony Sain

I got an opportunity to get a one on one interview with Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins before the team headed out for their match-up against the Minnesota Timberwolves on the road Sunday afternoon. Going forward, whenever I get these one-on-one opportunities with a player or a member of the coaching staff, I will call it a '3 Pointer' - where I get their responses on three quick points. He commented on what he thinks prevents Marko Guduric from attempting more three-pointers, JV as a 'stop-gap' when the team needs a bucket and Jaren's emergence as a player that he calls final plays for.