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After a disappointing season, the Atlanta Hawks organization promised change, and they delivered. The front office, coaching staff, and roster all underwent significant changes. 

Of course, the biggest headline of the summer was the blockbuster trade involving All-Star guard Dejounte Murray. Even the most ardent detractors cannot say the Hawks roster did not improve this offseason.

Given the upgrades, it is surprising to see the Hawks rank so low in the offseason power rankings provided by The Hawks ranked eighth in the Eastern Conference. Atlanta is just behind the Brooklyn Nets, who have had an objectively lousy offseason, and one spot ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The author of the article, John Schuhmann, did not have many negative things to say about the Hawks. His main question was, "Can You and Murray make each other better?"

Schuhmann closed his discussion of the Hawks with the following quote, "The core is still young, with time to grow. But the Hawks have tasted success and the Murray trade is a clear push to get back into the top five in the East."

If you survey fans in Atlanta, they clearly believe the Hawks rank higher than eighth in the Eastern Conference. But to be fair, it is the offseason, and hoops junkies need something to discuss. All of the debates will be settled on the hardwood come this fall. Stay locked into for breaking news, highlights, and analysis.

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