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Graduation season is upon us. But before students walk across the stage and throw their caps in the air, their big bro, Trae Young, has some words of wisdom to impart. Sadly, the All-Star point guard is not the commencement speaker at any ceremonies this year (that would be so tough, though). However, he did tweet the advice below to high school basketball players.

Basically, Young said, if you're an exceptional high school hooper, then don't make a rushed decision on where to play in college based on money. This past year, the floodgates of money in college sports were officially opened. To be fair, many college athletes have always been getting paid under the table. 

But thanks to the NCAA's board of directors suspending the organization's rules prohibiting athletes from selling the rights to their names, images, and likenesses, these young adults can finally make some cash aboveboard.

While everyone (except for Dick Vitale) agrees that's a significant step in the right direction, Young is cautioning the younger generation before stepping into the wrong situation. The 23-year-old concluded his tweet by saying, "Don't get sidetracked of the main goal and get complacent or steered in the wrong direction based off something short term. The main goal is what we all want!"

If there is anyone to listen to on this subject, it's Young. The 2017 McDonald's High School All-American rose through the ranks one step at a time, one car trip to Dallas at a time to the promised land of NBA superstardom. A few months ago, I spoke with Young's trainer and family-friend Tim Martin about the superstar's upbringing.

In addition to gift cards and copies of Oh, the Places You'll Go! families should print off this tweet and include it in their gifts to graduating high school seniors with dreams of making it to the association. Stay locked into for breaking news, highlights, and analysis.

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