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Kyle Lowry Has Been The Engine During Miami Heat's Stretch Of Injuries

Erik Spoelstra says Lowry has kept team together with various players sidelined

Miami Heat leading-scorer Jimmy Butler missed four straight games. 

Tyler Herro, their No. 2 guy, just returned from an eight-game absence. Without them, it left most of the burden on point guard Kyle Lowry. He hasn't disappointed during the stretch, taking over the scoring load. 

Lowry has averaged 20.2 points in the last five games, including 28 in the Heat's victory Wednesday against the Washington Wizards. 

"He's getting stronger, quicker, faster and creating more for us, getting into the paint almost at will," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "The threes are really important for us. he can do it in so many different ways. He can draw fouls. The last two games, we've always struggled to get to the rim, draw fouls, get to the paint without Jimmy. Then you realize with Kyle, we have another guy that can do it. He's capable of doing it."

Here's what else Spoelstra had to say about Lowry: 

On preparing for him: "You just have to be on your scouting report with every little detail when you're dealing with Kyle. I remember being on the other side of it. It's chaos. You can't contain unscripted plays." 

On his summer preparation: "He's creating these opportunities and guys are starting to get a better feel for him. Again, he really prepared this summer. He has the conditioning. He can play forever. Even when I take him out, he's always barking at us that he can go a full 48 [minutes]. Hopefully, we don't have to that for too much longer." 


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