Miami Heat team president Pat Riley let it be known last week he has no plans or retirement. 

In fact, he said he still has a strong urge to win another NBA title that would only add to his legacy.  

"I’ve been part of a lot of successful teams and sometimes I begin to wonder whether it was because of them or because of me," the 76-year-old  Riley said. "I’m in my sixth generation of the NBA because I think I have something to offer and I still like to win. I don’t like the way it ended [this season].

Riley said he refuses to "rush" from basketball because he's simply not ready to leave. 

“The game will always have a way, not just basketball but anything people have a passion for, they may have a thought of extricating themselves and they get pulled right in, that they want to do more," Riley said. "The day you lose that, God forbid, if I have to go get a bag of golf clubs, I’m not going to do it.”

Bottom line, Riley feels he still has much to give the Heat organization. 

“At my age, I feel I have a lot more left, a lot more energy," Riley said. "I feel I have a sharp mind. Over 60 years, I’ve collected a lot of wisdom and a reservoir of knowledge of what it takes to win and what kind of players I want. I am not in a hurry to go anywhere except go on vacation and come back to win a championship for the Heat. That’s what we do.”

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