Miami Heat team president Pat Riley was punished by the league Wednesday for violating the NBA's anti-tampering rules during a radio interview discussion LeBron James. 

On Jan. 4, Riley spoke on a YouTube streaming event hosted by Dan LeBatard. James, who played in Miami from 2010-14, left the organization after winning two championships in four straight NBA Finals appearances. 

“I would leave the key under the doormat if he would call me and let me know that he’s coming,” Riley said of James. “I would do that. But I doubt very much that key’s …that key’s is rusted now.

“LeBron is, look he’s one of the greatest of all time. And for four years down here, if we want to go back and just remember what those four years were like — four years in the Finals, four years of excitement, two world championships — with LeBron, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Udonis [Haslem], all of them. It was the best time for the Heat. So I wish him nothing but the best, and if he ever wanted to come back, then I’ll put a new shiny key under the mat.”

Under league rules, teams are prohibited for unauthorized agreements with players and even for talking about players under contract elsewhere. A day ago, the Philadelphia 76ers and executive Daryl Morey were fined $75,000 for making a similar violation. 

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