Former NBA Veteran Vince Carter Has Praise For Lakers Roster

Vince Carter knows age is just a number.
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As reported yesterday, Lakers coach Frank Vogel isn't worried in the least about the Lakers age. Vince Carter was recently on "The Jump" and made it very clear he was very enthusiastic about this Lakers roster. 

“Oh, I love to hear it. I love to hear it. I’ve been saying this for a lot of years. We don’t look at the years. We look at the player. What are your eyes telling you? Your eyes are telling you that player can produce. Not because of their age. Because they can get it done – regardless of their age.”

We don't look at the years, we look at the player. Those are some sage words from the future hall of famer. What Carter is trying to say is that the players on the Lakers roster may be old, but they're still producing. LeBron James is listed by many as still the third best player in the NBA. Russell Westbrook is still elite. Players like DeAndre Jordan and Carmelo Anthony aren't looking to play 35 minutes a game--they're looking to produce in smaller bursts.

Carter himself played for 22 NBA seasons. That is incredible. In his older years he was still valuable as a defender and jump-shooter. If anyone is qualified to judge whether players in their twilight NBA years have value, it is Carter.

“I get it. You have a lot of young guys and that’s the way the league has gone. But I walked into the NBA many, many years ago when there was two or three young guys and all were veterans. A coach walked in and it was understood. And that’s what Frank Vogel walks into. He walks into a training camp now, and guys understand how to play.”

Carter's words echo the idea that age is just experienced repackaged.