Russell Westbrook Is Desperate To Win And the Ultimate Competitor, Says Frank Vogel

Lakers newly acquired point guard is in LA to win it all
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Since the moment Russell Westbrook set foot in the NBA, his passion for the game has never been called into question. According to his new coach Frank Vogel, this hasn't dissipated, in fact, it's only been invigorated. The former MVP and 9 time all-star is hungrier to win now than ever before.

Vogel, appearing on Spectrum SportsNet’s “LakeShow” podcast with Chris McGee and Allie Clifton, had this to say of his new point guard.

"...obviously a great deal of excitement when you can add a player the caliber of Russell Westbrook. You want as much firepower as you can get to battle what we’re about to battle and when you get in these playoff wars, you need firepower. This guy is the ultimate competitor, he’s desperate, very much wants to be in that position to win a championship. That’s the one thing he’s not accomplished in his career and he’s in position to do that."

With Westbrook the quote that always comes to mind is his own, "why not?" Westbrook has used this apparently his whole life, and explained it once to ESPN the magazine.

"It started off back in high school, my friends and I were just doing a lot of dumb stuff - throwing each other's backpacks, or not going to class. So for months, every day we'd say that - 'Why not?' It would be some dumb s- like, 'let's run in the middle of the street' - 'why not?' 'Let's go over here' - 'why not?' 'Let's go out' - 'why not?'

Never saying no to anything at the onset can take a person pretty far. There are already a lot of negative things being said about the Lakers 'older' roster. Sure, the Lakers are top heavy with stars, a few of whom are past their NBA prime, but age is just experience re-packaged. Can the Lakers prove the critics wrong?

As Westbrook would say, "why not?"