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Lakers News: Gabe Vincent Reveals Why He Signed With LA Over Miami Return

His reasoning makes sense.

Gabe Vincent attended a Lakers-Heat preseason game just days after making his decision to sign a three-year, $33 million contract with Los Angeles.

For Vincent, it was an opportunity to catch up with both coaching staffs: the one he just left and the ones he will play for next season. If it had been up to Vincent, he would still be playing for the former.

"Miami was the team that gave me an opportunity. I grew while there," Vincent said. "We had some great runs while I was there, so it wasn't easy."

(Via "The Old Man and the Three" podcast)

Vincent, who played for UC Santa Barbara, was undrafted, signing a two-way contract with the Heat in 2020. The sharpshooter rose through the ranks of the Heat organization and played a key role in their unexpected run to the NBA Finals, averaging 12.7 points and 3.5 assists per game in the postseason.

According to a league source, the Heat's final offer to Vincent was a four-year, $34 million contract. At the end of the day, the Lakers were willing to pay the 27-year-old $3 million more per year.

"I was pretty open about willing to go back, wanting to go back and my love for the organization and I think it was reciprocated," Vincent said. "But when it came down to it, business got in the way and there were certain point that the Heat could only get to and other teams were able to get more."

(Via "The Old Man and the Three" podcast)

While Vincent expressed his appreciation for his former teammates, coaches and city, he said he was fitting in as he returned to his home state of California.

"Unfortunately it didn't work out with the Heat, but fortunately I found a new home and it seems like it's a good fit," Vincent said. 

(Via the Miami Herald)

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