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Yesterday, the Lakers officially parted ways with head coach Frank Vogel. Problem is, Vogel heard about it on Sunday. Right after his Lakers beat the Nuggets in the regular season finale. Shortly after, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted the news that the Lakers would be firing Vogel imminently. Reporters of course, asked the coach about his future with the team.

His response response was straight and to the point.

"I haven't been told s---."

Warriors forward Draymond Green provided his feedback on the situation in the most recent episode of his podcast. Especially on how he feels Vogel was scapegoated for the Lakers horrendous season. 

"That's one of those things, as a player or coach, you cringe because your biggest fear and worry is to be that guy in that situation that is catching all of that blame and catching all of that heat."

He also touched on when the Lakers decided to leak the story to Woj. 

"As a player or as a coach, you see that, and it's a bit frightening because you then put yourself in those shoes and you're like, would I be treated liked that? It's not just the Los Angeles Lakers, I think that happens all over the course of sports."

Green's onetime teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, was bit more blunt in his reaction as he left the Nuggets locker room on Sunday night. 

“The man didn’t even make it to the f------- flight! The NBA getting brutal, ain’t it?”

They're both right though. For some fans, it was brutal and cringe-y.