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If you're a basketball fan, chances are that you've grown tired of the GOAT debate. But it's one that will no doubt rage on long after we're gone, so don't expect to stop hearing about it. Lakers fans certainly know the debate all too well. 

And of course, an argument can be made for a number of names from NBA history. But more often than not, it comes down to LeBron James versus Michael Jordan. Depending on what generation of fan you are, your answer might be different. 

But one for NBA star knows exactly what his answer is. Dwyane Wade spoke about the GOAT debate recently, and he's going with the guy that he spent a decent chunk of his career playing with. 

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[the younger generation] is going to forget about [Michael] Jordan like we forget about Kareem. ...He [LeBron James] is going to be the GOAT for a lot of generations. ...LeBron will be the GOAT of this generation that has watched him grow up.  

The short answer is that there really is no correct answer. It will forever be debated until the next great comes along, of which there will no doubt be one entering the conversation. Lakers fans just hope that he happens to also play for their team whenever that happens. 

In terms of career accolades, you can compare Bron and MJ all day long. Jordan obviously won 6 NBA Championships and was a 5-time MVP. LeBron has 4 titles of his own with 4 MVP nods, and he's still going. 

So whichever guy you choose, you're right.