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Former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson is one of the known candidates to have interview for the Lakers head coach vacancy. Jackson, who's currently a broadcaster for ESPN, has been out of the NBA since 2014. He's been linked to other head coaching jobs over the last few years, but remains in the broadcasting booth, for now.

On Tuesday, Substack's Ethan Strauss, formerly of ESPN, provided some details that may explain Jackson's lengthy absence from the NBA coaching ranks. Strauss outlined a story that wasn't published in ESPN The Magazine due to Jackson's stature as a commentator for the worldwide leader in sports. Strauss stated the story contained the following:

-Extensive reporting on the cult-like "us against them" atmosphere Jackson had cultivated, in which he regularly demeaned the bosses to those with the locker room

-Allegations that Jackson had, in his final days with the team, ramped up the religious rhetoric in ways that were increasingly extreme and divisive

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-How Mark had, according to sourcing, accused underlings of "being influenced by the devil," inspiring Jackson to "lay hands on them to cleanse them of their evil spirits."

-Two sources relaying that Jackson had referred to Jason Collins and team president Rick Welts, both openly gay, as "penis grabbers" who were "going to hell."

Strauss explained that ESPN has "tried to keep quiet" the details of the story that was never printed.

Assuming the report is true, it should definitely give the Lakers pause in potentially hiring Jackson. Beyond Strauss' report, Jackson frequently clashed with Warriors upper management. The Lakers do probably need a fresh voice in the building that's not Rob Pelinka, Jeanie Buss, or the Rambi, but a coach that doubles as a zealot will likely not work in the long term.

Jackson has already interviewed with the Lakers and general manger Rob Pelinka has previously stated that the team's general goal is to have a new head coach in place by the NBA Draft on June 23rd.