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On Wednesday, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti signed an ordinance that effectively made it tougher for unvaccinated citizens to get around in public. The bill starts November 29, which will require anyone entering indoor facilities or gyms to be fully vaccinated, and that includes the 14-day period after the last dose of the COVID vaccine.

However, this city decree will not affect the Lakers’ playing arena at Staples Center, as Staples already follows the LA County Public Health regelation that requires guests aged two and older to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within the last 72 hours.

During the Lakers Media Day, general manager Rob Pelinka had already said that the team would be entirely vaccinated by opening day.

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"On opening night, when we play the Golden State Warriors, all of the players that are currently signed on our roster, on that night, will be deemed fully vaccinated. We're really grateful for that."

Los Angeles is the third city to announce these strict mandates. New York City and San Francisco has already announced these orders several weeks ago.

The biggest story in the NBA continues to do with Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving’s refusal to get even one shot of the vaccination. As of now, Irving is slated to lose out on more than $17 million of his salary if he misses all of the home games of his team. This will seemingly affect the team’s chemistry as they look to compete against contenders like the Lakers and Bucks for the title.

Kevin Durant recently publicly stated that he hopes Irving can be there with the team this year entirely.

"We want him here for the whole thing, practices, home games, shoot arounds. Hopefully we can figure this thing out."