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It's been a tough stretch of games for the Lakers. After winning 4 games in a row at the beginning of the new year, the wheels once again fell off for Los Angeles. That came to a head on Saturday night in Denver facing off against the Nuggets. 

The Lakers got down early and completely fell apart for the rest of the game, giving up 73 first-half points. They never bounced back, putting up just 36 second-half points of their own in the loss. 

There was a lot of quit in the team very early on. So much so that even Magic Johnson went as far as to call out their effort following the loss. Russell Westbrook didn't have much of a response at all when asked about Magic's reaction. 

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But LeBron sounds like he has his own reaction. On Sunday night, James tweeted this out, promising Lakers fans that they would do better.

If the Lakers want to have any kind of shot at the playoffs, they have no choice but to be better. They head into Monday as the number 7 seed with a 21-22 record. It's the first time in James' career that his team is under .500 through their first 43 games.

One way that they almost certainly will get better is with roster health and construction. Anthony Davis could be back on the final road trip of the month and the Lakers will almost certainly be making moves before the deadline. 

But time is running out, and quickly. They'll take on the Jazz, Pacers, Magic, and the Heat this week.