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The Kings' media team went in pretty hard on Russell Westbrook this past week. With the Lakers in town for another matchup, they did everything they could to get into the head of Brodie. And from an outside view, it appears to have been successful. 

They started by playing Foreigner's Cold As Ice during introductions when Westbrook came up. They added Ice, Ice Baby into the mix and finished up by calling him the Ice Cole Player of the Game on the video board. 

But apparently, the league was not going to let that happen. Recent reports suggest that the NBA has stepped in and will no longer allow the Kings' media team to play the song after Westbrook's misses, whatever that means. 

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To his credit, Westbrook addressed it after the loss and said that he didn't even notice the bit. 

"That's funny. I hope they played that the last 14 years, too. It's funny they play it now. That's cute."

Westbrook has put up pretty good stats against the Kings across his career, so he has a point. But the Kings got the last laugh in it as they walked away with another win over the Lakers. 

But don't expect the trolling to continue from the Kings, especially since the Lakers aren't set to travel back to Sacramento this year.