Lakers News: 2021-2022 Nike City Jerseys Have Leaked Online

The Nike City Edition Jerseys have leaked and people really seem to like them
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The purple and gold are as synonymous with the Lakers as the parquet floor at the Boston Garden is with the Celtics. In game five of the 2020 NBA finals, the Lakers City Edition jerseys were met with rave reviews. Those were the Black Mamba jersey.

This years jersey leaked on Twitter, and it looks pretty great.

The colors on this jersey are clearly in honor of the original organization, the Minneapolis Lakers. This is similar to what they did last year, albeit slightly different. The photos here are a little oddly lit, so it's possible the color scheme may be a little lighter. If that is not the case, it's clearly at least partially Minneapolis Lakers influenced. More likely it is that they're blending the past and the present, by having some blue from the Minneapolis Lakers, blended with more of the Los Angeles Lakers design. It is not the traditional or even "spot on" with a theme--but given some time, a lot of people will buy and love these jerseys.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the best selling NBA jerseys in the world, especially ever since LeBron James joined the team. Nike could probably put out some terrible designs and still sell them in droves. 

That said--this is only a leak. It looks pretty legitimate, though. Time will tell, but these leaks are not uncommon.