Lakers News: Bronny James Mocked to Major LA Nemesis by ESPN

Los Angeles wouldn't be too happy about this.
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One of the biggest storylines surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers entering the NBA Draft is what will happen with former USC Trojans freshman guard Bronny James. James is eligible to be drafted but following a poor first season at USC, many have questioned his fit in the league.

He has impressed during the NBA Combine and at his pro-day but there are still doubts about his ability. Some believe that he is only being looked at due to his father, NBA superstar LeBron James, which isn't a fair way to evaluate his own game.

While Bronny is not his dad, he can still be an impactful NBA player if given the chance to develop. Many have believed that the Lakers will draft Bronny so that he and his dad can play alongside one another but in a new ESPN mock draft, Bronny is taken by the Lakers' historic rivals, the Boston Celtics.

If Bronny were to land with the Celtics, it would be a good place to develop but his dad likely wouldn't be happy about the landing. He has previously spoken about his dislike for the Celtics and their fanbase, making this an ironic landing spot for his son.

However, all James cares about is his son becoming a good player in the league so he may lessen his dislike if Bronny were to go there. But hopefully, Bronny can land in Los Angeles and the Lakers could help him live out his dream of being an NBA player.

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