Lakers News: Could LeBron James Return To Cleveland…But Play Another Sport?

Will LeBron stay in Los Angeles?
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The idea of stars in some sporting leagues being able to perform well in others has come about like no other. Many believe that they can make it in a different league, even if the odds were to be heavily against them.

Cleveland Browns safety Rodney McLeod Jr. spoke with NBA insider Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson while promoting his 4th Annual Sneaker Ball in Philadelphia. He was asked his thoughts on the comments from former NBA guard Austin Rivers saying that most NFL guys couldn't make it in the NBA but that NBA players could play in the NFL.

And of course, he brought up Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

"See, there are certain individuals that can do it ALL. They could do whatever they want. LeBron is definitely one of those guys that I have the utmost confidence in that if he was to make the transition to the football field, he would succeed and solely because of his greatness and I think he’s a master of his craft, he would take it seriously; he would work and he has a little bit of ruggedness in him, he’s athletic, strong and the one thing about him that you love is the durability"

Rivers's comments caused a lot of backlash between NFL players but the talk of James playing in the NFL has been around for a long time. James would likely be a tight end in the league if he ever made the transition. McLeod Jr. joked about how the Browns would use James if he were to come to Cleveland.

"We could use somebody to compliment [David] Njoku over there for sure! You can never have enough, you know? I would say it’s needed to have a nice tight end tandem that can do a little bit of everything. The only problem is, that I’m not sure if LeBron is actually ready to take on a guy like a Myles Garrett just yet putting his head down in the dirt! So we’re going to save LeBron for 3rd downs, red zone passing situations -- so there might be some tails on offense but it’ll be worth it!"

With James' NBA career likely coming to an end soon, the likelihood of him heading to the NFL is extremely low. If he wanted to make a quick run at things, some NFL would let him but the time of him potentially going to the football world has likely passed, even if it's fun to think about.

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