Lakers News: Dwight Howard Breaks Down Big Differences Between LeBron James, Kobe Bryant

Howard has a good vantage point after playing with both.
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The Los Angeles Lakers have been lucky enough to have a few of the greatest players to ever play the game wear the purple and gold. Los Angeles has been one of the more historic teams in sports for decades and it has continued even today.

Two of the biggest names to ever play for the Lakers are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, both of whom are well respected around the game of basketball. Both players defined greatness in their own way while having different types of personalities.

It's not often that someone got the chance to play alongside both but former Lakers center Dwight Howard was one of the few. Howard opened up about the biggest differences between the two players.

"LeBron is doing all the plays, he's like a coach and Kobe's like 'Give me that ball and I'm gonna handle it."

James is known for getting his teammates involved throughout games while Bryant tended to take things upon himself. They both have inspired and helped teammates along the way, just in different ways.

For Howard, he got to see how both operated when they approached the game of basketball. He even won a title with James in 2020, getting an up-close look at James in the biggest moments.

Both players are some of the best to ever do it and their legacies are forever intertwined due to the era they played in.

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