Usually talent shows are meant to find individuals who have not been discovered yet and allow them to showcase what they can do. With the Masked Singer, that isn’t the case. Instead, the show pulls celebrities from different corners of fame and throws them in a singing contest. To make things harder, every celebrity it suited up in costumes to hide their identity. Their voices are also disguised when not singing, and they’re fully covered to hide their faces when they’re not in costume.

However, to help out the audience and judges, clues are given out to help guide guesses to who could be behind the mask. Each week, one singer is selected to go home and must reveal their true identity.

In last week’s premiere of season 6 of the Masked Singer, the Octopus was sent home and come to find out, it was a current Laker. Upon removing the head of his costume, Lakers’ center Dwight Howard shocked the world. In his one and only performance, Howard sung "Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard. To see his performance watch here.

“Today, I came on Masked Singer. It’s my mom’s favorite show so I wanted to surprise her and sing my sister’s favorite song, which her name is actually Tootie. Once I got the call to do the Masked Singer, I started practicing. I got vocal coaches. I was singing every day. I was going to R&B Wednesdays. I made sure I had my steps rights.” 

Howard also mentioned how much fan he had doing the show and that he realized the Octopus was his alter ego. Before the reveal, the judges panel made up of Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong all took guesses. Ken Jeong was spot on with his as he guessed it was the 2020 NBA Champion.

While Howard had an early exit from the show, possibly due to the season approaching, hopefully he can perform better on the court as the Lakers seek to reclaim their throne.

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