Lakers News: Edmonton Oilers Gleaning Inspiration From LA Hall of Famer

One Lakers legend continues to bring inspiration to other athletes.
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The Los Angeles Lakers have had multiple iconic players come through the organization over the years. But none have been bigger than former L.A. star Kobe Bryant.

Bryant brought his 'Mamba Mentality' to life both on and off the court, bringing a new sense of work ethic to the world. He has brought inspiration to many athletes and people, most recently in the hockey world.

Edmonton Oilers forward Warren Foegele has worn a shirt of Bryant wearing an Oilers jersey multiple times and the Oilers have now won three games in a row. Once it seems like Edmonton would bow out of the Stanley Cup Finals but this Bryant shirt has seemed to give the team inspiration.

While Bryant likely just helped the Oilers with the mindset to be able to come back and tie the series up, the Oilers simply started to play their game. The late Bryant helped unlock something for people with their work ethic and it still resonates today.

It remains to be seen if the Oilers will win the series and ultimately the Stanley Cup but they have at least given themselves a chance. Game 7 will be played later tonight and Bryant would be very proud of the job that they have accomplished.

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