Dennis Schroder contract negotiations might have been one of the worst ways for it to go down from a player’s perspective. Schroder thought he could command over $100 million, after he turned down $84 million from the Lakers last season.

As if foreshadowing the upcoming events, soon after, he contracted COVID and missed a chunk of games, which further diminished his market value for his free agency. The German then lost even more leverage, after the acquisition of Russell Westbrook all but sealed Schroder’s fate with the Lakers.

By this time, Schroder was just looking for a one-year deal to build up his market value to what it was prior to last season. Asking for roughly around $10 million a year, Schroder ended up settling for the $5.9 mid-level exception from the Boston Celtics.

Obviously, the internet is not going to forget, as memes and Twitter were on fire mocking Schroder’s misfortune. It seemed to have triggered some in his circle, as his wife Ellen, responded back to the haters on Instagram.

"I really wish that one day you all will find peace in your life, maybe a little bit love, a little success or something that is really missing in your life. Hate doesn't look good on you or on yourself and your negativity and you'll be happy again. I pray for you. 🙏🏻"

It’s hard to blame her, as most people would definitely not enjoy moving from sunny Los Angeles back to the East Coast weather in New England. Add on all the trolls and slander on social media, and that is for sure going to rub salt on the wound.

Schroder is a solid NBA starting caliber point guard, and is definitely someone who could command a pretty penny with the right timing. The Celtics got a steal in Schroder at that price, and Schroder should have no trouble building up his market value for the next offseason.