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Lakers News: Three Thoughts On LA's Opening Night

The 2021-22 NBA season is upon us, and here are my thoughts.

The day is upon us. NBA's opening night begins Tuesday. The Lakers will be taking on Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, while LeBron James and the Lakers will try to secure an 18th championship banner to hang in the rafters at Staples Center. I had some thoughts today, I thought I would share them.

Be Patient

Yesterday we touched on Laker fans needing to be patient based on comments by Carmelo Anthony. This is an entirely new team other than LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and most of the big names have only played a few games together during the preseason. Chemistry and gelling are going to take time to build. I predict some great flashes of brilliance tonight, along with a lot of defensive struggles. Laker fans should temper their expectations and believe the brilliance will build.

Anthony Davis Monster Season

The stories of Davis working out in the offseason and putting on muscle started early. During the preseason, the early returns on these rumors were fantastic. Nobody on the Lakers looked as good as Davis did during the preseason games. His post moves were in rhythm, his jumper looked dangerous, and off the dribble, there was not a single big man who could defend him. He was a bully in the paint, and that is the point. Instead of being beaten up in the paint, Davis wants to be the bully and it looks like he is going to. I predict an MVP caliber season for Davis. As for my last thought, I believe this is the most important thing to consider this season.

Enjoy This Season For Whatever It Becomes

Laker fans who are old enough to remember the 2003-04 Lakers recognize the parallels here. A couple of older NBA players who are first-ballot Hall of Famers coming to LA to try and win what eluded them in their illustrious careers. Obviously, the 2003-04 season did not work out as planned. I remember enjoying it, though. Laker fans should recognize that seeing Russell Westbrook/James/Davis/Carmelo Anthony in the same uniform is a gift, regardless of the outcome. Maybe they win an NBA championship, maybe they don't. I plan on fully enjoying the magic, regardless of what happens. Laker fans should consider doing the same. 

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"Omnes una manet nox." The same night awaits us all.