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Fans Roast Kyle Kuzma Over Vaccine Tweet

Welp. It looks like the trolling got to Kuzma as he went ahead and deleted his tweet. His original tweet cited HIPAA rights to not disclose his vaccination status.

LeBron James Still Showing Love to Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso posted on his Instagram his new threads and he was looking fresh. LeBron was quick to reply and asked for Caruso’s jersey. The Lakers host the Chicago Bulls November 15 at Staples Center.

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Kyrie Irving Refusal to Get Vaccine Could Be Problematic for Nets

We have previously went in-depth on how Kyrie Irving's refusal to get vaccinated may prove to be an obstacle for the Nets. As always, the internet is undefeated and was quick to make jokes on Irving potentially missing home games in Brooklyn. 

Fans Disappointed Most of the Stars Are Out for Nets-Lakers

The NBA started off the preseason with a marquee matchup between the Nets and the Lakers. This probably had many fans purchasing tickets ahead of time. Over the past week, it was revealed most of the stars sans Anthony Davis would miss the game.

Dwight Howard Fouling Out on Sunday's Preseason Game

This one was pretty hilarious. It was not even the fourth quarter, but Dwight Howard found a way to use up all six of his fouls already, and the bench was howling at this.