Lakers To Hire JJ Redick To Be Next Head Coach: Report

LA got their man!
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The Los Angeles Lakers finally have a head coach. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, former NBA guard JJ Redick has agreed to become the new head coach of the Lakers.

It is a four-year deal between the two sides. There was speculation that Redick could go elsewhere but he lands in Los Angeles.

According to Wojnarowski, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka was sold on Redick's ability to connect with players. His basketball IQ has been noted throughout the entire process and it helped land him his first coaching job.

Now the challenges of being a first-time head coach will be there for Redick but even more so with the Lakers. They are a pressure cooker for coaches and Redick has no prior experience to work off of.

Many have questioned why the Lakers would give someone with no experience the job but Redick has been at the center of basketball for years. He has been a successful NBA podcaster and broadcaster for multiple years, staying with the game.

He understands how the modern NBA works so he could help the Lakers take things to a new level. His challenge will be to find a way to win with the Lakers at present with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the roster.

If Redick succeeds, this hire could go down as one of the better in a long time. But there is also a chance that he fails and the Lakers are searching for a new coach in a few years. Either way, the search is over and the Lakers got their man.

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Matt Levine


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