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Guard Rajon Rondo has had an interesting career with the Lakers. He was a hero during the Lakers 2019-2020 championship season. The following offseason, Rondo signed with the Atlanta Hawks before he was traded to the Clippers. Los Angeles then re-signed the 2020 playoff hero this summer and recently traded him to the Cavaliers.

This year, he didn’t contribute much on the court, but Frank Vogel noted that Rondo main contribution was not between the lines.

Vogel voluntarily brought up Rondo’s leadership when asked about the challenge of missing assistant coaches during the height of the recent COVID wave.

"We also lost Rondo who was serving as an assistant coach in a lot of ways.”

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Coach David Fizdale and coach Mike Penberthy both missed time in health and safety protocols. Clearly, Rondo was an asset for the Lakers short-handed coaching staff.

Rondo has long been known as a unique personality in NBA locker rooms. He’s vacillated from locker room cancer to vaunted team leader throughout his career. It's important to note that his behavior hasn’t been coach dependent.

Doc Rivers has long supported the point guard who helped steer the Celtics to a championship in 2008. Rick Carlisle, another championship coach, and Rondo couldn’t finish a single season together.

On the Lakers, Rondo used his experience and knowledge to help maximize the Lakers roster. The Cleveland Cavaliers are banking he’ll be able to do the same with their young upstart roster.

It always helps to have an extra coach who also plays in the game.