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Over the last 24 hours, the Nets appear to be spending considerable time and energy communicating to NBA reporters, like Adrian Wojnarowski, Chris Haynes, and Shams Charania, that they are in no hurry to trade Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. All three reporters, who are some of the best in the business, have suggested that the Nets are slow playing the summer until they get the best deal or deals possible for KD and Kyrie.

However, in a recent appearance on The Herd, NBA reporter Ric Bucher stated that Lakers owner Jeanie Buss' cryptic tweet wasn't about LeBron James, but laying the foundation for Kyrie, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis to prioritize team goals over their personal endeavors.

"Well those around the Lakers that I know, agree with you, that this was just a matter of setting the table for Kyrie coming in. Kyrie's already in LA. Now, he's worked out here before, but indicators that I'm getting is that he's here, and he's not leaving, and eventually that deal is going to get done."

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In addition to the tweet possible serving the foreshadowing of a Kyrie Irving trade, Bucher also explained why he thought that Jeanie Buss' cryptic tweet over the weekend was a misstep on her part. 

"One, it troubles me that Jeanie would tweet this because it makes her look week. In looking at, I wish Kobe was here. I wish someone could say what I can't. You're the owner of this team, you're the leader of this franchise, don't give anyone the impression that there's something that you can't do or that you're not able to do."

It was the first time since her exclusive interview with The LA Times' Bill Plaschke that Jeanie has been in the news cycle, and the timing of the tweet, in addition to the content, definitely raised some eyebrows around the NBA.

Perhaps it was foreshadowing about a Kyrie Irving tweet, or perhaps it was something entirely different.