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Ever since LeBron James made his stance clear during Lakers’ Media Day and signing off on Draymond Green’s remarks, a lot of the public are disappointed in James for not stepping up and using his platform to educate the masses.

Recently on the View, some of the co-hosts sounded off on James for not being proactive in promoting the vaccine to the public.

Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg seemed to suggest James was being hypocritical in saying it was not his job to get people to take it.

“Well, it’s kinda funny because if it’s not your job, that means some of those folks that want to see you play, are not going to come see you play, because they can’t get in. It’s not your job to tell people what to do, but you could suggest that you figured out that nobody grew a second head or tail. I don’t know why it would be hard to folks.”

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James is known as being articulate and calculated whenever he posts on social media or publicly speaks on things. Just look back at how vocal he is about social justice around the country, but seemingly did not comment too much on the treatment of certain Chinese factions in China. The vaccine is just another example that shows James does not feel it is beneficial to his brand on an optics sense.

Another View co-host Ann Navarro bought up it was the responsibility for public figures and influencers like themselves to speak out and tell people what’s right and what isn’t.

“When you have a public platform, it’s because people love you, and people support you, people pay to see you…you have a responsibility for those people who made you, to share what you know, and to get people to do the right thing…we are public people with a lot of privileges and that’s the responsibility that comes along with it.”

There has not been much endorsement for the vaccine amongst LeBron's counterparts around the league. But since James is considered to be the most respected in the league, he usually paves the way for others to speak after he does. That has not stopped some of the lesser known players in the league to post memes about the vaccines.

Will the public pressure force James to change his mind and speak out? This will not be the last time we hear about vaccinations and LeBron James, so best believe he is brainstorming on how he should approach this topic down the road.