LeBron James And Son Bronny Jr. Share Laughs In Home Barber Chair

Jill Painter Lopez

LeBron James and his son, Bronny Jr., are making the most of their time together during quarantine in their house. They’re doing family dance videos, watching movies and sharing some good old fashioned ribbing, the kind you’d find in a barber shop. 

James posted an Instagram story of his son’s long hair as he sat in a barber chair in their home. Bronny Jr., who was wearing a “LeBron 3:16” T-shirt, ran his hands through his hair and then shook his head at his father's bequest. 

“What’s going on?” James asked his son while laughing. “You’re like a 1950s R&B singer.” 

James also posted a photo of his wife, Savannah, cutting Bronny Jr.’s hair, writing, “Vannah Vans curls, press and style beauty salon.” 

James recently poked fun at himself, too, laughing at his hair and beard in another Instagram video as he lamented not being able to have his barber over during quarantine. He said he was a Tom Hanks lookalike from the movie "Cast Away." 

The Lakers took COVID-19 tests last week and two players tested positive for the virus on Thursday. The players are under a 14-day self-quarantine.

The NBA season was suspended on March 11 to help stop the spread of the virus, setting into play a domino affect that pretty much stopped sports. Bronny Jr. was about to play for a state basketball title with Sierra Canyon High School before everything came to a halt. 

James and his family are finding different ways to combat boredom. And the barber chair was their latest source of laughter.