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Magic Offseason Buzz: Mo Bamba Recruiting Donovan Mitchell to Knicks?

Bamba hasn’t left the Magic yet, but this latest social media stunt suggests he’s on his way out.

After being awarded the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday, big changes could be on the horizon for the Orlando Magic — quite literally, as big man Mo Bamba is set to hit the restricted free agency market in less than two months.

The Harlem native hasn't officially left the Magic yet, but he's already reverting back to his roots and doing his utmost to make the New York Knicks a better team.

Mo Bamba
Donovan Mitchell Luka Doncic
Donovan Mitchell

Bamba, likely on his way out of Orlando after four seasons, is the latest New York City representative to try and recruit Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell to blue and orange. Knicks fans were quick to notice that Bamba joined Mitchell's live session on Instagram with the message "come home.” Mitchell is likewise a New York native, hailing from Elmsford in Westchester County, the site of the Knicks' practice facility in Tarrytown.

Bamba's request was well-received by watchers. One further declaration, his prolonged "KNICKSSSSS" drew even further praise and only let metropolitan hoops fans' imaginations run even wilder.

Many have clamored for the Knicks to trade for Mitchell, who is at a crossroads in his Utah career after the Jazz were subjected to yet another first-round exit at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks earlier this spring. Drawing Mitchell back home wouldn't be cheap, but the Knicks have several contracts expiring in 2023 that they can use to clear space as well as the 11th overall pick awarded to them through the NBA Draft Lottery earlier this week.