WATCH: Lakers Edge Mavs in OT, LeBron Labels Luka 'a Bad MF'er'

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks fell to the Los Angeles Lakers 119-110 in overtime on Friday in a game in which Luka Doncic was every bit as good as LeBron James and Anthony Davis - a fact LeBron recognized when after the thriller he sought out 20-year-old Luka to tell him, "You're a bad m--------r!''

James finished with a triple-double, dropping 39 points with 16 assists and 12 rebounds. Davis added 31 points and eight rebounds, shooting 15-of-28 from the field. And yet the Mavs were able to mount a lead of 15 in the first half and were able to hang on tight through five periods of nationally-televised awesomeness.

And Luka Awesomeness.

Doncic finished with a triple-double of his own, totaling 31 points with 13 rebounds and a career-high 15 assists. This marks the 10th triple-double of the defending Rookie of the Year's NBA career, the most among any player in league history before their 21st birthday. ... and it would've been more but for a freak collision with L.A.'s Dwight Howard that resulted in Doncic having a bloody head.

With about 40 seconds left in regulation, a Doncic rebound attempt put him in harm's way - and in Howard's way - as Dwight's chin clonked into the back of Doncic's head.

Doncic is left with a nasty gash, no concussion and quite a compliment.

"The words he said after the game, that's something very special to me,'' Luka said.

LeBron and Luka are both "bad'' and both "special,'' as the record books will show: This the first time in NBA history that opposing players have each had a 15-assist triple-double. "Bad,'' indeed. "Special,'' indeed.


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