Bank Shot: Mavs Announce 'Chime' As New Uniform Sponsor

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - A few days ago,'s Dalton Trigg visited with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and among the subjects broached in the visit was the concept of a new uniform sponsor.

A source then told DBcom that the sponsor to replace the departed "5Miles'' is a bank. Shortly thereafter came a news report along those lines ... 

Then came the announcement of a Friday evening press conference to be staged before tonight's visit from the Blazers. The plan: Mavs owner Mark Cuban and CEO Cynt Marshall were to be at the podium to make the sponsorship announcement at 6:30, just before coach Rick Carlisle's usual 6:45 media session.

That's still on ... But first, an announcement via

The Mavs announced today a multi-year strategic partnership, including the official Jersey Patch sponsorship, with Chime, the leader in US Challenger banking. Beginning tonight, the Chime logo will be featured on the left front shoulder strap of all four official Dallas Mavericks jerseys on the court and on authentic jerseys for purchase in the Mavs Hangar. The partnership also includes exclusive category rights and multiple advertising, promotional and community-focused initiatives.

“The experience that Chime has developed for their members is truly setting the standard in financial services, similar to what we strive to provide to MFFLs (Mavs Fans For Life) more than 41 nights a year at American Airlines Center,” says Cuban.

Brad Townsend suggests that the arrangement will be top-five in the NBA in terms of how lucrative it will be for the Mavs, who are among the clubs that have worn the sponsorship shoulder patch since 2017, when the NBA began a program that figured to add $100 million in revenue to the league's coffers.

The 5Miles deal was reportedly worth $5 million annually to the Mavs, with both parties agreeing to end the arrangement last summer, at which time Cuban said, “As the NBA continues to evolve into a global phenomenon, we look forward to finding a partner that can put the Mavs at the forefront.”