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Could Mavs Net Oubre From 4-Way Chris Paul Trade?

Could The Dallas Mavs Net The Suns' Kelly Oubre From A 4-Way Chris Paul Trade?

DALLAS - A Phoenix Suns’ trade for Chris Paul trade of the Oklahoma City Thunder would seemingly require a facilitator or two, with the Dallas Mavericks being mentioned as a possible partner in what could be a four-way swap.

What could Dallas net in such a deal? The two prizes would seem to be Suns forward Kelly Oubre and Phoenix’ first-round pick, No. 10 overall.

The hurdle in any Paul trade is the 35-year-old’s $41 million contract in 2020-21. Dallas’ presence in the deal can help the other teams move salary ... and get a reward.

*Dallas has always liked Oubre, still just 24, and pursued the 6-7 standout when he was in Washington.

*Dallas, which already holds picks Nos. 18 and 31, is willing to trade in the draft ... but would find pick No. 10 appealing.

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*Might Dallas have to lose Dorian Finney-Smith in a blockbuster? The Mavs would be reluctant to do so.

*Would guard Dennis Schroder from OKC help the Mavs? Maybe, but every time we think of Schroder we think of Dirk Nowitzki’s privately-held unflattering opinion of him. We're not sure this is a great pairing with Luka Doncic.

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Schroder is worth a mention, though, for another reason that mirrors an Oubre motivation: As the Mavs ready for more big steps in the future, it's important to know that Schroder's coming contract pays him $15.5 million and is expiring. Oubre's is at $14.4 mil, and, yes, it's expiring.

*Ricky Rubio, Phoenix’s current point guard, could be involved but seems most likely to land with the Thunder.

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*The Clippers are rumored to possibly join Dallas in a four-way arrangement, and L.A. has at least two players on their roster with Mavs appeal: Front-court tough guy Montrezl Harrell and back-court tough guy Pat Beverley. The involvement of Harrell, however, would be complicated; if he’s ever Dallas-bound, a separate sign-and-trade is the more likely path.

Beverley was a premium target of Dallas' a year ago, and they conducted meetings designed to bring them together before he signed with the Clippers. Oh, and he's represented by super-agent Bill Duffy, who also happens to rep Doncic.