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Mavs Playoffs: Doncic's Postseason Run A Testament To Rockets' Coach Silas?

Former Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Stephen Silas helped build the foundation that has Luka Doncic on a tear throughout the 2022 playoffs.

Luka Doncic has been on a historic postseason run that will continue Wednesday night. The Dallas Mavericks will open the Western Conference finals inside the Chase Center to face off against the Golden State Warriors.

Doncic has been on a tear since the start of the playoffs. He is averaging 31.5 points on 47.6 percent shooting from the field, 10.1 rebounds and 6.6 assists in 10 playoff games. Doncic's performance against the Suns has given reminiscence to LeBron James' legendary post-season run in 2007.

Doncic's playoff performances are a testament to his constant growth since his rookie season, which includes learning under the guidance of Houston Rockets coach Stephen Silas. Although they’re different types of players, Doncic's play is an illustration of what Jalen Green could become once he reaches the pinnacle of his potential.

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"The learning part and the confidences are very similar," Silas said prior to the Rockets' first meeting of the season against the Mavericks in October. "Luka is a basketball savant, and Jalen looks like he could be that. Confidence is always big on those types of players."

Silas served as the lead assistant to former Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle during Doncic's first two seasons. A Rookie of the Year winner in 2019, Doncic has credited his development to Silas.

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It's the reason why the two respective parties have remained  close over the years. Doncic has voiced his support for Silas as a head coach — who has been at the helm as the Rockets' rebuilding struggles.


Doncic understands what Silas can do for a young player of Green's stature. Due to Silas, Green has the blueprint for what helped Doncic, James and Stephen Curry surpass their All-Star potential.

"He’s amazing," Doncic said in March. "He’s a great guy and a great coach. He helped me a lot. You guys saw how we played offense [under him]. He’s just a great person. They better not get rid of him. He’s a great coach, and I think these young guys need him — for sure."

James' first two seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers were spent with Silas as an assistant coach. He replicated his role with the Warriors for five seasons — which included two years with Curry.