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Where Do Mavs Rank Among Forbes' Most Valuable NBA Franchises?

The Dallas Mavericks are ranked among the NBA's most valuable franchises, according to Forbes' 2021 edition of their annual list.

DALLAS — While much of the focus placed on NBA teams relates to the actual on-court play (and rightfully so), it can be fascinating to take a look at the business element of things at times. 

According to Forbes Staff Writer Mike Ozanian, the Mavericks rank ninth in franchise value among NBA teams — sitting with a valuation of $2.7 billion. Over the last year, the Mavericks have increased in value by a 10-percent margin. 

Atop the list are the New York Knicks ($5.8 billion) — followed by other iconic franchises such as the Golden State Warriors ($5.6 billion), Los Angeles Lakers ($5.5 billion), Chicago Bulls ($3.65 billion), Boston Celtics ($3.55 billion) to round out the top five. 

The LA Clippers ($3.3 billion) and Brooklyn Nets ($3.2 billion) each were next up on the list after experiencing over a 20-percent one-year change in value. There is a considerable gap between these two fast-risers with the Houston Rockets coming up next and directly ahead of the Mavericks at $2.75 billion.

There were some other intriguing recent insights from Forbes when it comes to the Mavericks — relating to the spending habits of the team's fans stacked up with the rest of the league.

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According to Sports Money contributor Doyle Rader, the team's fanbase is among the highest spenders in the NBA — a mark that has been aided by the ascension of Luka Doncic. 

"From jerseys and merchandise to tickets and concessions, Mavs fans are opening their wallets. A recent survey of over 890 NBA fans by FinanceBuzz found that Mavs fans are some of the highest spenders league-wide.

"When it comes to team gear and apparel, Mavericks fans spend an average of $227.27, which is above league average and the seventh most among fan bases. The popularity of Doncic probably has something to do with this. His No. 77 jersey is the fourth best-selling jersey in the NBA."

There is a lot to like about the trajectory of the Mavericks' organization with Luka Doncic very much in the fold and with owner Mark Cuban in charge. And there is a lot to like, for the owner, about $2.7 billion.