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Mavs Forward Dorian Finney-Smith Sets NBA Record For Improvement

Dorian Finney-Smith made league history by improving his production over the first five years of his career.

At the conclusion of the regular season, Dallas Mavericks forward Dorian Finney-Smith became the first player in NBA history to increase his scoring average and 3-point shooting each year for any five-year period.

Finney-Smith's work ethic was put on display yet again in 2021-22, as it was his first season scoring double-digit points per game. That stat becomes even more impressive when noting that he did so on nearly identical efficiency across the board as last season.

An area that also has improved with less spotlight is Finney-Smith's playmaking ability and ability to punish defenders for closing out too hard on his jumper. Beyond averaging a career-high assists per game at 1.9, the improvements were also noticeable to the naked eye.

These increases in production and overall improvements, all while playing the same stellar defense he has been playing since his first NBA season, are why the Mavs made signing Finney-Smith to a recent contract extension a top priority ahead of the offseason.

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Finney-Smith will be playing a key role in the upcoming playoff series against the Utah Jazz. Whether or not Luka Doncic plays, he will be relied upon to hit 3-point shots, rebound on both ends, score in transition, and defend at a high level for Dallas.

Dorian Finney-Smith, Dallas Mavericks
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Finney-Smith is one of seven players in the NBA to attempt at least 350 spot-up, no-dribble jump shot attempts this season, and ranks as the second-most efficient player in the league among those seven players, ranking only behind Brooklyn Nets guard Patty Mills.

The Mavs' shooting success with Doncic running the offense heavily relies on how well Dorian Finney-Smith and others shoot the ball. We’ll find out soon Dallas will be able to beat Utah regardless of whether Doncic plays or not.