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Dallas Mavs 'Fan Jam' Highlights: How'd Luka Doncic Look?

Wonder is in the air. The Dallas Mavericks 'Fan Jam' event produced a few positive sequences, including an embracing moment between Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. shares some highlights from the open practice.

While the Dallas Cowboys pursued a three-game winning streak, the Dallas Mavericks held 'Fan Jam,' an open practice where fans and media alike observed an entertaining scrimmage. Thankfully, the Dallas Mavericks streamed the event on its official website. 

Friendly scrimmage aside, a little taste of what is to come bodes well for a fanbase full of questions. 

"How will stars Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis coexist after a chaotic summer"? 

"What will Josh Green contribute to a playoff contender"? 

"Who are the new guys"?

All of those inquiries hold weight, especially with a new head coach holding the clipboard. Although there is a record of what to expect from coach Jason Kidd, perhaps changes occur as the new boss seeking redemption takes note of his past mistakes. 

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For skeptics who roll their eyes at the word "scrimmage,'' remember, even in moments of leisure, we see our true selves. Pellets of truth stem from jokes, and regarding the open practice, smiles reigned supreme. 

Ultimately, 'Fan Jam' provided a grain of truth to a fanbase craving protein-filled answers. 

Doncic's midrange efficiency, Porzingis' activity around the rim

Last season wasn't exactly kind to the Mavericks. Not only did the superstar come into the 2020-21 season a tad out of shape, but Doncic also began the season with an alarming shooting performance. No. 77 produced an abysmal 2-of-21 mark from the arc in December.

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Kidd's Mid-Range Shooting Plan? A Failure vs. Hawks

The Dallas Mavericks had a shooting plan. In Game 1 of the NBA season? The winning Hawks had other ideas.

The open scrimmage showcased a glimpse of mid-range magic. While experiencing his up-and-down stock market-style dips and ascensions in 3-point shooting, Doncic found a haven in the form of mid-range shots. According to the NBA stats database, the two-time All-Star recorded a healthy 48-percent mark from Dirk Nowitzki's former place of refuge.

Although typically associated with church and football, Texas Sundays can now slightly correlate with Porzingis finding the rim again. During the scrimmage, the one-time All-Star, who often found himself glued to the corner-3 area last season, provided a highlight which made fans realize the rim-running ability of the once-disgruntled star. 

Jalen Brunson's 3-point shooting, Josh Green finishing with contact

Coming off a career-high season, Jalen Brunson embarks on a pivotal 2021-22 campaign. While typically known for his downhill drives, the two-time NCAA basketball national champion averaged a career-best 40 percent from distance. 

Past seasons exhibited a hesitant nature from Brunson. However, unlike years as the secondary point guard on a record-setting offense, the condensed schedule and COVID complications called for a drastic change. Despite coming off the bench, Brunson finished the regular season as one of the better players on the roster. 

In an odd sequence where Trey Burke opted to seek an assist, Brunson converted on a transition 3-point basket.

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Regardless of the constant discourse discussing who the Mavericks could have picked in the 2021 draft, Josh Green is the player Dallas ultimately selected. Negative critiques aside, there are some bright spots in Green's game.

In light of his less-than-stellar shooting numbers and ex-coach Rick Carlisle's marginal patience for any rookie not named "Doncic,'' Green didn't exhibit many positive notes in the 2021-22 season. However, his surprising ability to make a few athletic-injected passes inspired encouragement for the future following a disappointing season. 

Athleticism and defense were supposed to be the Arizona alum's calling card. Much to the Mavericks' liking, the open scrimmage showcased a sequence in which the 2020 Bronze medalist finished at the rim using strength and a tad bit of athleticism.

With preseason coming, the open scrimmage made for a necessary chemistry builder while prepping for real competition. Dallas plays its first preseason game at the American Airlines Arena vs. the Utah Jazz on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. CT.