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LOOK: Mavs' New Court Design to Honor Former Players

ESPN analyst and at-times news-breaking reporter Zach Lowe revealed some Dallas Mavericks information. According to his sources, Mavs owner Mark Cuban plans to honor past players by using the hardwood as the canvas.

Although the Dallas Mavericks franchise lacks the abundant championship hardware as NBA top-tier franchises like the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, the sentiments feel similar. 

Mavericks boss Mark Cuban honored the founding owner Don Carter following the franchise's success over the Miami Heat in 2011. History means something to Cuban.

Regardless of the public's perception of Cuban, his past actions dealing with former players indicate his admiration for the game. 

While Luka Doncic amazes fans and gains the respect of his on-court peers, the franchise's history, including Dirk Nowitzki's fadeaway silhouette on last year's court, stands as a constant reminder of humbler beginnings. 

It seems do-good Cuban has another tribute up his sleeve. According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, the Shart Tank star will showcase his admiration with a leave-no-player-behind act of respect. 

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Utilizing the American Airlines Center hardwood, every single player who ever suited up for the franchise will see his name painted on the baselines and sidelines.

Who says you can't honor the past while pushing forward? Despite the scarcity of Hall-of-Fame players in the history of Dallas basketball, the nobility in valuing role players or even end-of-the-bench, minute-men of the sport speaks volumes. 

While the NBA honors their "75th" year of the league with a soon-to-release list commemorating the 75 best players in history, Dallas managed to celebrate the blue-collar workers as well as … well, Dirk Nowitzki, the top of the top.

Cuban and the franchise talk the talk with this recent development. 

Follow Dallas for more information on the hardwood tribute or anything else Mavericks-related.

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