Mavs Hungry: When Will Next NBA Season Start?

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - The 2019-20 Dallas Mavericks didn't really "leave any meat on the bone,'' so to speak; as Luka Doncic said, "We gave everything.''

What the abbreviated, successful and tantalizing Mavs season did do, though, is leave us hungry for more.

So, commissioner Adam Silver ... When do we get more? does not expect it to be before the end of the year.

A week ago, Silver said the NBA was discussing “the earliest we would start is Christmas of this year'' - which mirrors an idea presented by Mavs owner Mark Cuban - but on Tuesday the commissioner said his "best guess' is that the 2020-21 season would not begin until at least January.

In a CNN interview with Bob Costas, Silver also said that the goal for next year would be to play a “standard season,” meaning a fight through the COVID-19 circumstance that last year caused a shortened season, a hiatus and a finish in the Orlando "bubble'' to result in an 82-game schedule and a normal postseason.

Additionally, Silver said, “The goal would be to play games in home arenas in front of fans.”

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Waiting until January, in theory, not only gives the players a rest break between seasons but also allows the NBA to collect for coronavirus-related information.

The league has already pushed back the NBA Draft to Nov. 18, it became clear that was going to need to be pushed back. But we know this: When it comes, the Mavs owning picks 18 and 31, we'll be hungry for it. And when the 2020-21 season comes? Hungrier still.