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Coach Jason Kidd Reveals Kristaps Porzingis Position with Dallas Mavs

The Dallas Mavericks plan to start the season with Kristaps Porzingis at the power forward position. Here's the reasoning behind the choice.

DALLAS - The level of optimism surrounding Kristaps Porzingis entering training camp is high from many members of the Dallas Mavericks. Perhaps the most vocal of his supporters is new head coach Jason Kidd, who has big plans for him. 

The role that Porzingis will play during the upcoming season was a hot topic during Mavericks Media Day -- ranging from the various ways he will get the basketball to the position he will play. 

"I've always looked at everyone as a basketball player," Kidd said. "I don't look at guys as 4s and 5s. Put your best out there and use them in different situations. 

"When you look at KP, he can play both 4 and 5. There will be times when he's out there at the 5 but I think starting off the season, he will probably start at the 4."

It remains to be seen how long the decision to deploy Porzingis at the 4-spot will last for the Mavericks. There are valid concerns with pairing him with a big man between lateral quickness limitations on defense or spacing concerns on offense.

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When discussing the role that Kidd envisions Porzingis playing in the Mavericks' offense alongside Luka Doncic, he made it clear he wants him to just be a 'basketball player' and 'there's no bad shot' for him.

"There's no limitations on just shooting 3s. Being able to roll, to be able to shoot the mid-range, to be able to put the ball on the floor -- I want him to be who he is, and that's a basketball player and not just be limited to shooting 3s or crashing from the corner. 

"I want him to feel comfortable on the floor in any spot. I think he's a weapon. He shoots the ball too well not to be able to shoot mid-range shots."

It's clear that regardless of which position Porzingis slots in on the floor, he's going to have a 'green light' to play 'his game.' It will be up to him to execute and live up to those expectations. 

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