Mark Cuban for President of 'America 2.0? 'Great Question!' Mavs Boss Tells SI


DALLAS – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban considering a presidential bid is not a novel idea. The billionaire considered a bid for the White House in 2016, as a possible third-party candidate. Since, he’s flirted with the idea on numerous accounts, without completely shutting the notion down.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Cuban is continuing his habit of taking a leadership position. Would Cuban consider running for office now ... taking the leadership position?

“Great question!” Cuban responded before skipping to expand on other - but related - matters in an exclusive interview with 

Here is a little more context on Cuban's general stance in an another interview with Axios.

“If this would’ve been a month ago, I would have said absolutely not,” Cuban said. “But obviously things are crazy, things are changing. So I’ll keep an open mind. But I seriously doubt it.”

Coy and equivocal. One can’t blame Cuban for remaining flexible as the vast shocks of coronavirus that have halted sports and left the world reeling mean changes by the minute.

Cuban emerged as a sound voice and crisis leader from the start of coronavirus. Minutes after the NBA announced the postponement, Cuban offered a calm and insightful nationally-televised message on the sidelines during the Mavs last game before the hiatus. Since, he has supported the Dallas community through the #OpenForDelivery campaign, provided meals for health care professionals and aid for arena employees.

“Everyone is afraid right now and wants to make things work,” Cuban told “No one wants to see businesses close down. Transparency and brutal honesty really go a long way. We’re all experiencing this together at the same time.

Don’t pretend you have all the answers. No one does.”

President Donald Trump conducted a conference call Saturday with commissioners from the major sports leagues, reportedly suggesting that he hopes to have fans back in arenas and stadiums by the late summer or early fall.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver reportedly nudged back, noting the need for an "all clear" from public health officials before that can happen.

While Silver and Cuban have both been outwardly optimistic about the chances for the league to return and crown an NBA champion, both have also stressed the seriousness of handling the situation correctly.

The NBA is reportedly prepping for the possible cancellation of the season if it is deemed impossible for games to resume safely.

Politically, Cuban has also been vocal on the future of our country, which he's branded as “America 2.0.” He has publicly criticized 3M for the company’s practices and called on leaders to “step up.”

What advice would Cuban give small businesses right now?

“Apply for the payroll protection loans with your bank,” Cuban told “It can help you pay your payroll and overhead and most importantly, if you retain your employees you don’t have to pay it back. Right now is a time to be a leader. Do the research. There are programs out there for everyone.

That and be open and communicate with your employees and customers.”

Will Cuban’s prominent voice at the forefront of the NBA and his crisis leadership in business lead him to the Oval Office? Maybe… Maybe not… But as Cuban would say, that is a great question. 

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Mark Cuban supports women abusers. I am sick of seeing so many articles about this guy when I live next door to one of his ex-CEOS who abused his wife to the point that our kids were hearing her scream and crying because of it. He showed up at the house himself two times and covered it up with police. The police never filed reports. We will bury him if he runs for president and show our Ring doorbell footage which isn't much but I will never forgive myself for not standing up to this Trump Jr.