Mavs Owner Mark Cuban: A Conversation With A Son

Mike Fisher

DALLAS - Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has during this time of crisis been among the sports figures at the forefront, progressively working to listen, learn, comment and work toward answers. Late Friday in a social-media post, the father of three continued to promote engagement by all of us in the discussion centered specifically around the death of George Floyd and generally around social injustice in America:

"Some questions to my friends with young sons who think that White Privilege doesn't exist:

"How old do you expect your son to be when you explain to him that if the police pull him over it could be dangerous ?

"How old will he be when you explain to him that it is better not to walk down the street alone, ever, because someone could consider him a threat and call the police ?

"How old do you expect your son to be when you explain that if he is walking through a retail store to expect someone to look him up and down to see if he is a threat to steal something ?

"How old will your son be when you tell him the stories about the men in your family that were pulled over for no good reason?

"Or were stopped because they looked like a robbery suspect ?

"These are conversations we all have to have with our sons, right ?

"I haven't had to have these conversations with my son and that is very much a privilege.''