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Mavs Seth Curry: 'I Never Wanted To Play With Brother Steph'

Dallas Mavs Guard Seth Curry Says, 'I Never Wanted To Play With Brother Steph' - And The Reason Why Makes Sense

DALLAS - Seth Curry was raised in a basketball family, of course. But in one particular case, he'd rather beat 'em than join 'em.

“Honestly, I’ve thought about it,'' the Dallas Mavericks sharpshooter says. "Earlier in my career, I had some opportunities to play on the Warriors and go there and obviously take a much lesser role … having the team stacked the way they have in the last few years.

“I’ve always turned them down because I never really wanted to play on (superstar brother Steph's) team. I’d rather compete against him.''

Seth, talking to Austin Rivers on his Uninterrupted show “Go Off,'' (and transcribed by suggested that the "shadow'' of his brother's greatness is everywhere ... and difficult to avoid, even as Seth, as a member of the Mavs, is being recognized as one of the top perimeter shooters in the sport.

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For the record, prior to the hiatus, Seth was shooting over 45 percent from beyond the arc on 5.1 attempts per game. And in terms of all-time NBA 3-point field-goal percentage, he's No. 2 - ever. (Notably, the No. 1 guy is Steve Kerr, who just happens to coach Steph's Golden State team.)

So, yeah, Seth is satisfied being a "Splash Brother'' of a different sort.

"I’m going to be compared to him and somewhat in his shadow whether I’m on his team or not,'' said Seth, who labored in the G-League for a time before finding his NBA stride. "(That's) going to multiply if I were on the same team. So I like to create my own path and do my own thing.”