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Mavs’ Spencer Dinwiddie ‘Hurt’ By Wizards ‘Kick Out the Door’

The Dallas Mavericks have received a big impact from Spencer Dinwiddie since he was acquired from the Washington Wizards. His old team bashed him on the way out, and now he responds.

Ahead of the trade deadline, one of the more clear outcomes around the NBA was the Washington Wizards finding a way to dump Spencer Dinwiddie. Being traded has helped Dinwiddie find a much better situation with the Dallas Mavericks. 

During his 44 games with the Wizards, Dinwiddie averaged 12.6 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 5.8 assists while shooting just 37.6 percent from the floor and 31.0 percent from three-point range. His production was underwhelming, but again, it was early in the rehab process in a large role. 

Spencer Dinwiddie, Washington Wizards
Spencer Dinwiddie, Washington Wizards
Spencer Dinwiddie, Washington Wizards

There was a report from The Ringer where Dinwiddie was described as not being well-liked in the locker room and was viewed as being far too ineffective coming off of his torn ACL. 

"The Wizards want to move Dinwiddie because he looks like a shell of his former self and his teammates don’t want him there.”

Dinwiddie was recruited by Bradley Beal to come in and fill the point guard void left behind by the Russell Westbrook trade. He pushed through the adversity of the rehab process and played as early as nine months after undergoing surgery, but the Wizards did not remain patient. 

"I think that's what hurt the most," Dinwiddie told ESPN. "I've never bashed Washington. I've never said an ill thing about the team. In fact, I thank the owner or chairman Ted [Leonsis], I thank Tommy Sheppard the GM and I thank [Bradley Beal] for those three kind of collectively deciding to give me my contract. They didn't have to pay somebody coming off an ACL.

"I'm appreciative of that, appreciative of my time there. ... So to be bashed out on the way out the door hurt my feelings for sure. I think I'm human, of course."

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There is more clarity on the role Dinwiddie fills with the Mavericks and it's one he feels comfortable in. The results have been apparent in the early goings given he's averaging 17.6 points and 5.1 assists while playing a pivotal role off the bench leading the second unit in addition to thriving in plug-and-play lineups. 

Luka Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie, Dallas Mavericks
Luka Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie, Dallas Mavericks

Dinwiddie has been able to step up in the fourth quarter of big games both with and without Doncic being on the floor. Against the Sacramento Kings, the Mavericks played entirely without their superstar and Dinwiddie led Dallas to a win with 36 points and seven assists. 

"I was fighting through for those guys [in Washington]," said Dinwiddie. "When the role changed and they wanted me to pass more — they felt like I was scoring a lot — I did that. I took my foot off the gas scoring-wise because that's what they felt — the team needed to get [Kyle Kuzma] and [Kentavious Caldwell-Pope] and those guys shots. I said, 'Look, I already got paid. This is about y'all trying to get the shots that y'all need, whatever.'”

Dinwiddie continued: "So to get kind of kicked out the door was a wild feeling. I hadn't really experienced that before. But I still have nothing ill to say other than, yes, it hurt my feelings.

“But just like anything else, you become cautiously optimistic about your new situation. So far, it's a great fit. I love what they ask me to do here, which is get in the paint, and I'm going to continue to do that and continue to try to be of service."

Since the midseason decision to move Jalen Brunson into the starting backcourt alongside Luka Doncic, the Mavericks have lacked a guard that can lead the bench unit in the ways Dinwiddie has achieved since the trade. If he can keep it up, the calculated risk will pay off significantly in the postseason.